Equipment Women

Girls’ lacrosse is a fast-paced team sport that is almost as much fun to watch as it is to play. A variety of manufacturers produce quality women’s equipment and offer it in sporting goods stores and online. While it is largely, a non-contact sport, safety equipment is worn by all players to reduce the chances of injury. Goalies require specialized equipment and individual players should choose their sticks depending on skill level and position.

A. Goggles Please note that beginning January 1, 2017, only the newer standard, ASTM 3077, will be regarded as legal for play and all eyewear equipment will have to meet this standard.


C. Girls Lacrosse stick

D. Lacrosse/Soccer cleats (molded cleats, no spikes)

E. Girls Lacrosse gloves (optional)

If you have any questions regarding girls equipment, please contact Coach Dean Campbell


Girls lacrosse heads are produced by several manufactures, but all must adhere to strict regulations regarding pocket depth. The depth of the pocket must be shallow enough for the top of the ball to break the plane of the top of the side wall. Beginners should choose a head with a soft mesh pocket as they are easier to maintain an need less adjustment. Advanced players benefit from the increased accuracy of traditional pockets.


Girls lacrosse shafts vary in length and material used in their construction. Women’s lacrosse regulations allow sticks to range in length from 36 to 44 inches. Defensive players should choose a longer shaft to aid in defending opposing players. Midfield and attack players often benefit from shorter shafts as they are lighter and allow quick ball release. Lightweight alloy and titanium shafts have become popular among serious players because they are stronger and lighter than traditional aluminum shafts.

Goalie Equipment

Players brave enough to step into the crease and play the goalie position need special equipment to protect their bodies. A helmet, similar to those worn in men’s lacrosse, is required to protect the head from hard shots. Thick gloves protect the hands, while a padded chest protector shields the body. Padded pants and shin guards are worn to protect the lower body. Goalies also use an over-sized stick to help block incoming shots.


Girls lacrosse gloves are available in an array of styles, colors and sizes. Some manufacturers produce fingerless gloves designed to protect the back of the hand, but full fingered gloves are more popular and provide maximum protection. Gloves with less padding allow players more maneuverability and give them a better feel of the ball in the stick.

Mouth Guards and Goggles

Mouth guards are an important piece of protective equipment for lacrosse players. Mouth guards protect girls from stray checks near the head as well as concussions that may occur as the result of a fall. Eye protection is mandatory while on the field during a girls lacrosse game. Goggles are available in a few different styles and shield the eyes from slashes and flying lacrosse balls.