Equipment Men

Below is a list of the lacrosse equipment that you will need:

a. Helmet (Black shell, black face-mask, black chin, orange visor)(Cascade Pro 7, CPX-R, Cascade R are recommended)

b. Shoulder pads

c. Elbow pads

d. Gloves

e. Lacrosse/Football cleats (molded cleats, no spikes)

f. Chest protector (for goalie only)

g. Lacrosse Stick-New players should purchase a short stick

h. Athletic cup

i. Mouth guard (colored)

Our helmet must be the colors listed above.    The remainder of the equipment can be whatever color the players wishes.

If you have any questions regarding boys equipment, contact Coach Scott Yielding

***IMPORTANT*** Male athletes MUST have athletic cups & mouth guards at every practice & game. Athletes who don’t have these items,  will not participate.

lacrosse head diagram

There are different size lacrosse sticks that players from different positions should be playing with. Middies, especially those who take faceoffs, have an advantage if they have the correct stick.

Although stick selection varies with each position, it is all based on personal preference. What ever you feel comfortable using, use it.

Once you get a new lacrosse stick, you have to break in the pocket to meet your specifications